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New Moon in Cancer, 24th June, 2017!

  New moon  in Cancer 24th, @12:30:48 pm, (aest) This  New Moon in Cancer is conjunct Mercury, square to Chiron. Sun and Moon meet up in Cancer, feelings, emotions, private self, personal. What do you need? this new moon is asking you. Best place to start is by listening to how you are feeling, pay… Continue reading New Moon in Cancer, 24th June, 2017!

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20th, June 2017!

Over the last day you may have felt the build up of these two energy's 20th, June 2017! @6:18:53 pm (aest) VENUS sextile, NEPTUNE, nice aspect for dreaming, fantasy, arts, beauty, nature, your imagination, relaxing and mediation. Enjoy something creative, music, poetry and of course romance and love. Tap into your intuition, you may have… Continue reading 20th, June 2017!

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Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 19th June, 2017!

This weeks card is the 9 of Wands. Fire element, work, career, spirit, energy, creativity, intentions, will power, passion, desire. Moon in Sagittarius. 9 of wands, the inner strength card, the spiritual warrior, you have had to face many challenges along the way, many obstacles, however they have made you stronger. But the journey has been a… Continue reading Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 19th June, 2017!

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Astrology, 19th, June 2017!

SUN in Gemini sextile URANUS  Aries, 19th,@ 4:41:53 am, (aest) Use this transit to breakaway from routine, have an illuminating or interesting conversations, ones that inspire your life a little or a lot. Try a new experience to make you feel alive and free from the dun rums of your life. This may stimulate your mind, make… Continue reading Astrology, 19th, June 2017!

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Full moon in Sagittarius, June 2017!

This full moon in Sagittarius, sits close to Saturn, Plus Jupiter is going direct. This Moon will have a serious tone to it being next to Saturn.  Like all Full Moon's it's a time of culmination, fulfillment and letting go. A little bit or a lot of hope for the future, and some despair or disappointed… Continue reading Full moon in Sagittarius, June 2017!

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Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 5th of June 2017!

    This weeks card is the Queen of Coins. Earth sign, nature, nurture, fertility, stability, secure, pleasure and sensual, enjoyment of the material world. Pay yourself some attention! Listen to your needs. This Queen is here for the week to help you take care and pay attention of your physical needs, body and soul.… Continue reading Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 5th of June 2017!