The Transit Moon

for participating in the 7th annual charleston sports fest given this day 13th of june in the year 2020


What is a transiting Moon – a moon that is moving, it stays in a zodiac sign for about 2 1/2 days, it’s about 27-28 day cycle around the earth. The transiting moon makes aspects or angles to your natal planets (birth chart – a fixed, moment in time) which is more about events (or setting a mood), it’s the astrological weather forecast in general.

I like to know where the moon is, I find it helps me navigate my emotional self, kinda gives me the heads up, its a great tool to use to help with what to do for the day or how best to approach events, activities or people, (remember the Moon is your emotional response, feelings, emotions or what mood) it can give you insight into the mood, tune in to the transiting moon for guidance.

Plus work with the element of the sign. Fire – Earth – Air – Water

Fire signs – passionate, dynamic and purposeful.

Earth sign – grounded, practical and logical.

Air sign – thinkers, talkers and changeable.

Water signs – intuitive, feeling focused and sensitive.

When the Transit Moons in Aries: FIRE

Your energy is higher or your more active, motivated or driven. Try new things.
You may be impulsive or reactive. Emotions can be fiery and passionate. Communication more direct and to the point. Great time for physical activity. If feeling under stress, good time to sort this out as you are more energized and motivated to do this. But don’t push to far as this will just add to your stress. Not an easy time to sit back and relax.

When the Transit Moons in Taurus: EARTH

Slow down. Find some stillness through out your day. Take your time, keep it simple.
Be practical. Do things that make you feel comfortable. Enjoy good food, wine all things connected to your senses. Get grounded, have massages, connect with your body. Feeling sensuous during this time. Best not to start something new, more about fixing something into place. Good time to look at money or budget. Mood can be stubborn or fixed here.

When the Transit Moons in Gemini: AIR

You can feel restless or agitated if not stimulated. Minds active. Great for networking. Get information from everywhere. You may be more talkative or curious. Be more social as this help with edgy feels. Good for day-to-day stuff, it’s quick. Multi tasking is a go. Roam around the neighborhood, keep it local. Duality of ideas or information. Good time to make choices. You can change your mind, go from one thing to another. Communication of all sorts is highlighted.

When the Transit Moons in Cancer: WATER

Self care. Nurture yourself or family. Stay home. Connect with family or loved ones. Pay attention to how you’re feeling. It’s more about what mood you’re in. Move slower about your day. Do what gives you comfort. Watch our for emotional outburst. Take care of others. Be tender and caring. Don’t try to push through the day. Not great for change. You may connect with memoirs or think of the past.

When the Transit Moons in Leo: FIRE

Have fun, play and flirt. Great for romance. If emotional you may find yourself being dramatic. Time for being open-hearted and optimistic. Love. Be confident or work on this. Time to shine. Get in touch with your creative self. Find a craft or hobbies. Self expression is higher. Be seen. Don’t be to over the top. Attraction can be high. Smile big. Do things with style and flair.

When the Transit Moons in Virgo: EARTH

Cleaning or de-clutter. Make a list of jobs to do. Work. Look at the details. Good for making decisions through being discerning. A day for problem solving or fix things. Take care of your health. Stick to a routine.Look at your habits and routine. Be practical, logical and grounded. Spend time outside. Gardening. Try not to be to picky or be too much a perfectionist. Be of service to others. Show humility in all that you do.

When the Transit Moons in Libra: AIR

Seek balance, peace and harmony. Listen. Think or analyze your relationship and partnerships. Collaborate. Decision making maybe difficult as you will see all sides, best to get all the info. Find beauty around you. Good time to bring beauty into your life.  You will be more understanding. Time to shop and socialize, go out to museums or art gallery.

When the Transit Moons in Scorpio: WATER

A time to go deeper into your emotions about the issues that stir you up. You’re more driven to go beyond just the feeling you want to get to the bottom of it. Investigate to uncover the truth or real meaning. You’re more willing to go there when the Moons in Scorpio, you’re better equipped to handle whats happening or what you discover. Time to honestly look at any fears. Sit with your intense emotions, allow them to show you whats behind it. Great time to watch mysteries or psychological thrillers. Study the occult or subjects that are taboo. Pull a Tarot card or two, get a reading. A time of great discovery about yourself, the “warts and all” version. It’s not all pretty, but the transformation and transcendence is power to you.

When the Transit Moons in Sagittarius: FIRE

Seek freedom. Learn something new. Study a philosophy. Don’t get to attached you seek to roam. You want to expand your consciousness through, travel, story’s, adventure or exploring. Have fun, play not so practical. Look at goals or long-term plans. Not so much into the details. You feel more optimistic about life and the future. Be honest and truthful. You can find that you understand events or situations clearly here, the why it happens.

When the Transit Moons in Capricorn: EARTH

A time for work and doing. Making plans, good time for business meetings.
Getting organized and focused. Action is focused on what to do and what to improve on.
Working towards building a solid structure. Be responsible, committed and disciplined, as you go about your day. Be cautious in you approach. Your mood is more serious.
Put your emotions aside and do the work or jobs you put off. Not so good for emotional discussions, unless, its serious talk time, and then be mature.

When the Transit Moons in Aquarius: AIR

You can feel tired of the norm or your daily routine.Try something new.
Or get a new look at something. Step out of your comfort zone. Be liberated.
Rebel a little or take a stand on an issue for the common good of all. Be individual, let some weirdness out. Good moon to get unstuck. Think about the future or goals.
Hang out with your mates. Detach from your emotions just for a while.

When the Transit Moons in Pisces: WATER

Write. Dream. Reflect and rest. Be inspired by your imagination. Go with the flow.
Be caring, kind and compassionate. Don’t make any major decisions, ponder on them.
Intuitive. More into your feelings and emotions. Work with setting boundaries.
Watch our for addictions, illusions and delusions. Check in with your reality. Let endings happen.