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Mercury cuincunx Pluto, 16 June, 2017!

  MERCURY quincunx PLUTO, 16th, @3:36:47 pm(aest) exact. A quincunx is friction, no understanding between two planets involved. I just don't know or understand how that is going to work. But they are still connecting and they have to work it out, they need to make some adjustments. Mercury in Gemini (mind, thoughts, perception), is… Continue reading Mercury cuincunx Pluto, 16 June, 2017!

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Astro Transit June 13-14th, 2017!

    MERCURY trine JUPITER! exact 14th @1:35:15 am(east) Mercury rules communication, your thoughts, mind, connecting with Jupiter who is all about expansion, you may feel optimistic in what you say, write and about future plans or goals. You may think bigger, you may see the bigger picture. Good day to study, look at new… Continue reading Astro Transit June 13-14th, 2017!

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Weekly tarot card reading, 12th June 2017!

This weeks card is the 4 of swords. Air, thoughts, mind, communication, stresses, anxiety and worries. Four of swords rest, recuperation, recovery and healing. Meditation and stillness. Time for a rest, give yourself a break from the worrying, tiring thoughts that run around your head. Thinking about the same thing, trying to find an answer… Continue reading Weekly tarot card reading, 12th June 2017!