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Mercury cuincunx Pluto, 16 June, 2017!

  MERCURY quincunx PLUTO, 16th, @3:36:47 pm(aest) exact. A quincunx is friction, no understanding between two planets involved. I just don't know or understand how that is going to work. But they are still connecting and they have to work it out, they need to make some adjustments. Mercury in Gemini (mind, thoughts, perception), is… Continue reading Mercury cuincunx Pluto, 16 June, 2017!

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Full moon in Sagittarius, June 2017!

This full moon in Sagittarius, sits close to Saturn, Plus Jupiter is going direct. This Moon will have a serious tone to it being next to Saturn.  Like all Full Moon's it's a time of culmination, fulfillment and letting go. A little bit or a lot of hope for the future, and some despair or disappointed… Continue reading Full moon in Sagittarius, June 2017!

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Venus goes Direct, April 2017

Venus goes Direct, Mercury - Saturn - Jupiter are still Rx, waiting for Pluto to join them on the 20th. It’s been a somewhat intense/challenging couple of weeks, thanks to Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter, all meeting up. Jupiter triggered the now, very long Pluto/Uranus square which began in 2012, digging you up and making you… Continue reading Venus goes Direct, April 2017

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Our feet won’t even touch the ground!

  Welcome 2017, it's going to move fast, it already is moving fast as we wrap up January. It may be a "hold on to your hat's" kind of year. But, hey, haven't we all been living those kind of years for a while now. And, still we all have more to do, learn, expect,… Continue reading Our feet won’t even touch the ground!

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Next step in moving forward! First full moon of the year, this one has some oomph! behind it, as the Sun and Moon oppose each other they also square Uranus and Jupiter, plus the Sun is conjunct Pluto.This brings in the cardinal grand cross, you know the one we all have been dealing with for… Continue reading FULL MOON in CANCER!

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New Moon in Scorpio!

  "Nothing happens until something moves" - Albert Einstein The new moon happened early on the 31st @3:37:32 am (aest) conjunct Mercury, trine to Neptune, Saturn and Venus are stilling talking to each other, asking us to keep it real, do the work, face reality. Mars, Pluto, Uranus are still doing the same, triggering the… Continue reading New Moon in Scorpio!