New Moon in Gemini!

Kessler Twins vintage

Monday 30th May,2022

It’s a new moon, a new cycle begins in Gemini, thoughts, thinking, conversation, choice, perspective, your mind and mental energy. Gemini is also duality or having to choose plus it’s your immediate environment, where do you want to be or who do you want to be?

This new moon has no aspects to it, however the ruler of this moon Mercury in Rx is connecting sweetly to Neptune in Pisces and in a tense square to Saturn in Aquarius, it will have some influence on the new moon being in Gemini, perhap in what you have been thinking about or where you are at.

Also Mars is conjunct Jupiter in Aries during this new moon, it’s a big energy, a new start with fuel, inspiration, action and spirit packed into it. For some you may be acting on a belief or wanting to expand on an area of life, it’s a very confident vibe.

Mercury/Neptune is flowing, I feel this can be some magic/miracle, intuition, guidance, a divine inspiration convo is happening between these two. Neptune is limitless, whereas the Mercury/Saturn is rules, restriction, feelings of being limited or blocked, it narrows the way forward or it could narrow your point of view about a subject, you may not be able to see a way forward and feel some pressure to resolve a situation but the sweet vibe of Neptune is a cosmic magic that may be able to help with a difficult area, it is brilliant energy for opening things up and there you go you have your way or answer. 

Mercury is Rx, a new start may have some connection to the past might just be another chapter to the story. Take your time here, don’t rush. Mercury is in Taurus and will go Direct on 3rd June.