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20th, June 2017!

Over the last day you may have felt the build up of these two energy's 20th, June 2017! @6:18:53 pm (aest) VENUS sextile, NEPTUNE, nice aspect for dreaming, fantasy, arts, beauty, nature, your imagination, relaxing and mediation. Enjoy something creative, music, poetry and of course romance and love. Tap into your intuition, you may have… Continue reading 20th, June 2017!

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Astro Transit June 13-14th, 2017!

    MERCURY trine JUPITER! exact 14th @1:35:15 am(east) Mercury rules communication, your thoughts, mind, connecting with Jupiter who is all about expansion, you may feel optimistic in what you say, write and about future plans or goals. You may think bigger, you may see the bigger picture. Good day to study, look at new… Continue reading Astro Transit June 13-14th, 2017!