NEW MOON in CANCER…. time to connect!

moon w


“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you”. Ralph Waldo Emerson

“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality”. Plutarch

Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury all in Cancer, cardinal water, Cancer is ruled by the Moon. This moon is in opposition to Pluto, trine to Neptune. Plus it’s watery. You may find some emotions, feelings, break on through to the surface. Pluto of course may add the extra intensity to them. Pluto across from Moon/Sun will be luring the emotions out from the inner you.

Cancer is emotional, feelings, you will feel and have many over the next few weeks. Use them wisely, soak them up, let them flow through you, over you, let them wash away, let them transform YOU!

Cancer/Capricorn is the axis of security/insecurity, inner and outer, build on the inner to help support the outer.

My feelings for this, after the air of Gemini, Mars Rx phase, you now have the opportunity to nourish, nurture, give yourself some much needed self-care, you may find it’s easier to act on your feelings and thoughts, give them some form or structure. You may find you are starting to feel like your old self or parts of you are coming back together, before you may have felt very disconnected, uncertain as if you or elements of your life have just been blown away.

Opposition to Pluto this may bring with it some major transformation from within, Pluto is about power, death, re-birth, the resurrection, on some level something is dying, or leaving to allow re-birth to begin. As with all deaths it not easy, it’s uncomfortable, painful and it may take a while for the true transformation to take place, this one more than likely has taken months to shift.

Neptune’s trine, this brings the higher energy of LOVE, go for it, strive to be it, get it, give it out.

Has to start within you first.

With the Cancer energy you may find that you feel the new starting to grow, connect to your deep inner world or feelings, get to the root of your feelings. Nourish them, nurture you. Cancer is the womb, the watery depths of the internal life, this is you being re-born. It’s a process, a slow one, bring it all back together.

I encourage you to use this new moon energy, to shift or change things around in your home and heart, make it more in tune and in alignment with what you want (Venus), what have you been thinking about (Mercury), Sun/Moon connect for the new moon to give you the opportunity to shift and change your emotional energy and frequency.

Cancer, home and heart, the fires from within are calling out for more nourishment, moisture, comfort and contentment. Pluto’s connection is asking for deep transformation to take place, and in this case it starts within the home and within your heart.


To detach, then to bring to you what you want.Chrysalis tarot.


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