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Astrology, 19th, June 2017!

SUN in Gemini sextile URANUS  Aries, 19th,@ 4:41:53 am, (aest) Use this transit to breakaway from routine, have an illuminating or interesting conversations, ones that inspire your life a little or a lot. Try a new experience to make you feel alive and free from the dun rums of your life. This may stimulate your mind, make… Continue reading Astrology, 19th, June 2017!

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Mercury cuincunx Pluto, 16 June, 2017!

  MERCURY quincunx PLUTO, 16th, @3:36:47 pm(aest) exact. A quincunx is friction, no understanding between two planets involved. I just don't know or understand how that is going to work. But they are still connecting and they have to work it out, they need to make some adjustments. Mercury in Gemini (mind, thoughts, perception), is… Continue reading Mercury cuincunx Pluto, 16 June, 2017!

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Astro Transit June 13-14th, 2017!

    MERCURY trine JUPITER! exact 14th @1:35:15 am(east) Mercury rules communication, your thoughts, mind, connecting with Jupiter who is all about expansion, you may feel optimistic in what you say, write and about future plans or goals. You may think bigger, you may see the bigger picture. Good day to study, look at new… Continue reading Astro Transit June 13-14th, 2017!

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Creating a new life for yourself! May 2017.

    May 10th, 2017 through November 6th, 2018, a new chapter is starting in your life. The Nodes change signs into Leo and Aquarius, the nodes stay in a sign for about 18 months, they are dealing with fate, destiny and course correction, bringing you the change that many may need after the nodes… Continue reading Creating a new life for yourself! May 2017.

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May, moving on 2017!

  Hello May! After April, May looks somewhat smoother for you. April was fast, tiring and just felt rough around the edges and in the middle. However you might have gained a few insights or two, worked on shaking off some of the old that's been hanging around, but it won't have been easy. Here are… Continue reading May, moving on 2017!

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Venus goes Direct, April 2017

Venus goes Direct, Mercury - Saturn - Jupiter are still Rx, waiting for Pluto to join them on the 20th. It’s been a somewhat intense/challenging couple of weeks, thanks to Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter, all meeting up. Jupiter triggered the now, very long Pluto/Uranus square which began in 2012, digging you up and making you… Continue reading Venus goes Direct, April 2017