Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 7th Aug, 2017!

Deck used Tarot Illuminati 

This weeks tarot card is 5 of swords.

Air element, thought, mind, perspective, thinking, inner or external conflict, tensions and struggles.

Fear of loss or defeat, existential angst.

Fear of the future. Cutting some ties.

Venus in Aquarius – what you value, or what you think is important.

Fives are opportunity for change and growth, a crossroads. Facing the future.

Five of sword is not an easy card, it can be about conflict internal or external, can bring up fears, feeling defeated.  But you are at a crossroads for change, if you are in conflict best option is to walk away, if you can? Ask yourself can I come out alright here, is it worth my time, energy.

You may find you are having an internal fight within yourself, you will work through and come out the other side, it is like you have to go through the internal struggle to get you to and through to the other side of it.

Keep in mind that this may also be or have been a long struggle that you have been going through and this week you find that it changes, you break through the struggle. As with the sun and clouds parting you find some relief or answers or may even know the way now, whereas before you were just in the fight. You may even be afraid that things will not change and all will stay the same.

Angst which can leed you to freedom, but it has not been easy, internal and external fights and conflict.

When I see this card the fight is over with, but you may still feel the edge of this on you. You have come through the struggle, particularly with thoughts or what you have been worrying about, usually form an external place.

Have patience with yourself and others this week.

Affirmation – “I face my fears and open myself for love and trust”.  From the  tarot – mirror of the Soul by Gerd B, Ziegler

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