Things are getting hotter, movement happens when Mars is in another fire sign.

Mars prefers the Leo energy and it’s time to shine, go forward, be creative, confidant and yes! get looked at, go after what you want! You have the urge to create.

Leo ruled by the Sun, go after your goals, focus on your desires, this is a very outward expression of you now, connect with your heart and true passion of who YOU are. Don’t be afraid, remember this is the warrior in a fiery, passionate sign forging ahead. Mars in Leo, heats you up….. enjoy the attention, put yourself center stage.

Just do it from a humble, joyful heart, the other side of this is, you may flip to the arrogance or ego side. watch out for that. And if you’re not getting the attention you want, try other avenues, see what needs to change and make that happen.

Things can pick up, move along, and forge ahead, Mars is the action planet.

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