Astro bits 18-19th July, 2017!



VENUS trine JUPITER, MARS trine CHIRON, MOON in Taurus.

After coming off yesterday’s energy, you feel somewhat better, it’s a smoother ride.

Mars meets up with Chiron, you are more driven or energized to do some healing work on the wounds of old or yesterday. Mars is coming of his hard aspect to Uranus, you may have been rattled, there might be an element of surprise. You may even just be surprised, how one day you’re off and the next you’re on.

Venus connects with Jupiter, you feel more optimistic and even a little joyful, in areas of LoVe, money, romance and relationship. If any disappointment or illusion is left over from meeting up with Neptune, this can make you feel more positive in what you are reaching for.

Moon in Taurus helps to be grounded, practical in your approach. Can also help you to shake off all of the intensity of the last few day.

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