Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 10th July 2017!

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Universal Fantasy Tarot – Crystal Vision Tarot

This weeks card is the 4 of coins or Pentacles.

earth element, stability, safety, security, money, work, home, possessions, body and senses, the material realm.

Sun in Capricorn.

As one card shows clearly, holding on tightly to what you have, but she also looks like she is about to fall off. There is growth, abundance, opportunity around her. She might have to let go, loosen her grip to get more. You’ve got what you’ve got, and what’s been done is done.

The other card, has a loosing, flowing, free movement going on, holding on to what she has in a different way, a more fluid way of being. She will allow more to come her way, by staying in the flow of her life, listening to her heart and emotions instead of holding tightly to what she has or once was. It feels like she knows her value and worth, they are part of her now.

You have worked hard at getting to this place in your financial, material, world, you have also worked hard on your internal, emotional place, building on giving you a solid foundation.  Your internal base is good. You have found the stability within you. Keep building on and from this point of structure, don’t build yourself in, get stuck or stay the same.

  •  Four of coins is a tricky cards, it deals with building, power, stability, security and the flip side of that is, are you holding on to tightly, to rigid, fearful of change and growth, allowing nothing else to come your way. This is a question you ask yourself with the 4 of coins.

“I acknowledge my spiritual power and security. I discover my faith within” from the herbal tarot.

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