Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 3rd July, 2017!

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This weeks tarot card is the two of swords

Air –  thinking, mind, logic, thought, communication, Ideas and inspiration, perception, crossroads, choices.

Moon in Libra. Our natural tendency to weigh up or analyse things.

A time of none action, finding your center. Finding peace between your head and your heart. Having to make a decision and weighing it all up. You can often feel like you are between “a rock and a hard place”, What to do? You feel pressured into making  a choice.

Sometimes this is a card of not looking at your issues, having blindfolds on so you can not see, as you do not what to see what is going on around you, or to make the choice. Perhaps you do not have all of the information yet. Allow whatever information needs to come your way to help navigate you along.

The unknown.

But for this week I am going with,”stillness during changing states”, you are going from one state of being to another state and you need to find peace within yourself that things are changing and you are in the middle fold of this change, but what will be the end result of the or from the ideas and inspiration, choice you made, your view on things, you have to trust the inner process and journey you are now on.

There is an element of intuition at play, you have put all of your thoughts and ideas out there into the world, let the universe pick it up and work with you. But you must have faith and trust.

It’s a partnership with spirit.

Try and find some peace, let the worry go, stresses, with all of your decision for this week, let your heart settle, not much can be done at this time. 

“ Through my Heart’s path, I create a balance from within.” From the Herbal Tarot

Decks used, Universal Fantasy Tarot and the Tarot Illuminati.


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