Astrology, 21st, June 2017!


SUN enters CANCER, 21st@
2:24:52 pm, aest. The Sun’s light shine’s onto the realms of emotions, feelings. It becomes a time of nurturing our needs, not so much our wants, it’s really about “what do I need now”? and that may be anything that will bring you comfort, nurturing and some self-care.
You want to start feeling better.
Cancer is the domestic life, the home, your inner emotional state. Ruled by the Moon, feelings and emotions come and go, you may and can feel a little moody, take things more personally. So take some time out, to take care of you and your personal needs.

Try and find some stability, security and comfort in regards to your emotional well-being.

MERCURY enters Cancer as well on the 21st, @7:58:19 pm aest. Your thinking is more about how you are feeling about things, then being logical or practical. You may find you can take situation and people more personally and want to take comfort, refuge in things that make you think and feel better.
Memories and thinking about the past may surface, Overall you may feel or be more sensitive during this phrase.

New Moon in Cancer, 24th @12:30:48 pm, conjunct Mercury this new moon may come with messages and information.

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