Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 15 May, 2017


This weeks card is the 6 of cups.

Feelings, emotions, waters, intuitions

Two meanings wrapped up into one. The past and the present. You may find this week you are having memories, feelings of nostalgia, ideas and thoughts from the past. If the past does come floating along for you this week, have a look at it for sure, but do not stay there,  do not become melancholy for something that was.

You may find some emotions or something lost from the past as in a gift or talent, can come back to you to use and work with, can this emotion or spark of interest be put to use? What was once laying dormant can come to the surface. A part of you that has not come out to play may also be able to come out, the part of you that is an easy true and natural essence of who you really are, that part of your essence that inspires, creates, is natural.

People can come back or enter your life. Look at it from the now perspective and for actually wast it is, don’t drift along on the melancholy “what if” boat.

But most importantly it is the card of Pleasure, stay in the moment and be right there in it, so you can enjoy that moment, to take it all in. Do not dwell on past experience and do not fret or worry about your future expectation.

It is in this moment you can breathe new life onto the old.

“Lovingly I give and lovingly I receive the gifts of our friendship.” from the Herbal Tarot

Decks used, Universal Fantasy Tarot, and Sun and Moon Tarot.


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