Weekly Tarot Card Reading, May 1st, 2017!



This weeks card is the Sun.

A time to re-energize your spirit and soul. A new dawn is approaching after a period of shadow and darkness. This is heart energy. Warming you back up to life. 

This is a positive and open energy for the week, it feels like a moving away from a time of feeling low, down, and uncertain.

Some healing has been happening and it’s time for you to step out of this shadow period and step into your power and to shine. Allow the joy, happiness, abundance, to embrace you. Allow the good to come your way.

This can be a big Yes card to any answers you are looking for.

Keep it simple, be in the here and now, is what this card is also asking of you.

This is NOT a card of playing small or keeping yourself small, radiate out, shine the light of your true essence, particularly in all your creative pursuits.

Life purpose tap into that energy this week also.

What makes you feel ALIVE?

What do you want?

Follow your passion or do things that ignite the passion within you.

Sun card is ruled by the Sun in astrology, ruler of Leo. Go play, shine, be positive, move on from the darkness that holds you back. Great card for this week as the Nodes of fate are shifting signs from Pisces – Virgo to Aquarius – Leo on the 9-10th.

Keywords for the Sun




The light.

Creative Expression


Be your natural self….always.

The message of the Sun :- “You are free to express the radiant essence of your being. Joy and creation flow from you like the rays of the sun”. From the Druid Craft Tarot

Decks used :- Green Witch Tarot and the Druid Craft Tarot.

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