Weekly Tarot card reading, 27th March!


This weeks card is the World!

Completion of some sort is at play for you, your soul is asking you to see what that is? This may mean an ending of some sort, also, to start a new. It’s a major aracana card, so it’s something that is for your souls growth and journey.

A level of success, achievement, understanding(of self) and advancement has now been reached on an internal and external level, but it’s time for you to go further inward, listen to your soul and then come back out to start something new or change what you have been doing. Either way the ending is what is happening for you.

This can feel like  emotional or physical change or loss, the old parts are leaving, let them fall and go, regroup within you and then move on.

First thought when I pulled this card, perfect with Venus Rx, she is in the underworld now, for a few days before she ascends up to become the morning star. You let go to be reborn.

Zodiac alignment – Saturn

‘ I joyfully create my life and see spirit as the foundation of all.” from the Herbal Tarot

Deck used Universal Fantasy Tarot.


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