New Moon in Aries!




It’s a pretty Aries filled chart for this new moon. Venus is Rx, Mercury connects with Uranus. Being in Aries, it’s about you, the self, what you like and don’t like, what you want and don’t want. It’s also about renewing what you are doing, finding the things that you are only passionate about and cut the rest away or out. Venus Rx is influencing you all to take a another look at Love, life, money, relationship (with self and other, but mainly yourself).

Mercury and Uranus brings in the messages or many messages ideas, information for you to look at and work with. Boom, it may come as a surprise with Uranus in the mix up, or it might just light up your fire again and ignite that spark within you, for you to be more yourself.

Time to start a fresh with the same projects or goals maybe, but just make sure that you are doing it for you.

It’s time now to nurture your spirit.


Weekly Tarot card reading, 27th March!


This weeks card is the World!

Completion of some sort is at play for you, your soul is asking you to see what that is? This may mean an ending of some sort, also, to start a new. It’s a major aracana card, so it’s something that is for your souls growth and journey.

A level of success, achievement, understanding(of self) and advancement has now been reached on an internal and external level, but it’s time for you to go further inward, listen to your soul and then come back out to start something new or change what you have been doing. Either way the ending is what is happening for you.

This can feel like  emotional or physical change or loss, the old parts are leaving, let them fall and go, regroup within you and then move on.

First thought when I pulled this card, perfect with Venus Rx, she is in the underworld now, for a few days before she ascends up to become the morning star. You let go to be reborn.

Zodiac alignment – Saturn

‘ I joyfully create my life and see spirit as the foundation of all.” from the Herbal Tarot

Deck used Universal Fantasy Tarot.


Weekly Tarot Card Reading, 20 March 2017.





Weekly tarot card reading, 10 of coins.

Ending and beginnings, in the areas of work, money, home, commitment, career.
The feeling is maybe it’s time to change things, to start something new, you may even want more in your life.
Nurture yourself. Take your time. Time to grow!
You may feel like that you want something long-term to manifest in your life, something of worth.

What will you have to do to make this happen?

You must be prepared to work hard, invest time, money and your energy, emotions into making the seed you plant come to full growth. Think about, and ask yourself, what do I have within me, to really make that happen and how far can I go?

” I feel the abundance of my life and fully embrace it” from the herbal tarot.
Deck used the Green Witch tarot.


Weekly Tarot Reading, 13 March, 2017!



The Emperor

Aries is linked to him. With fiery and passionate nature he rules his kingdom.
And, through being organised, self disciplined, he achieves his goals.
Use your mind, be logical and practical in your approach to all things this week.
Get things into order.
Can often be a man or woman in authority, someone in charge or who is the leader, maybe it’s time to be in charge or to take some control in your life?
By knowing what you want, and work from that base.

” I use my inner wisdom and strength to achieve my goals in life.” From the herbal tarot
Deck used Morgan-Greer

VENUS Rx 2017


Pop art by Lana Del Rey Vintage

As of March 4th Venus has been Rx in Aries, she will also move back into Pieces around the 3rd of April.

Venus goes Rx about every 18-19 months for about 5-6 weeks, she gives you the opportunity to reflect on very personal matters, generally the things that you care about most, that of course is love, relationship, money and the value you place on all of them.

Venus Rx in Aries, is asking you to, internalize, go-over, review, your relationship with yourself, looking at what is missing or lacking in your life in the areas of love, money, what you value, your values.

It can be an intense time as she moves backwards and into herself and you begin to realize what is really missing, it will bring to the surface, what it is your really want in these areas, of love, money, values.

One big question you could ask yourself here is about your values, what are your values/attitude around money, love, are you getting what you want from all of your relationships, with all of these things. If you are not, why not? 

Here’s where you have to go deep and down into your feelings that’s the intense part, that is never fun, good thing through it’s in Aries, so grab your sword, face yourself and have the courage to go for it, unpack all of the old values, leave it all behind, make sure you don’t bring it back to the surface as she rises up again. Be brave, use you warrior and warrioress spirit to take the Venus journey.

Like all Rx periods people, situations from your past may come back, for you to resolve some stuff, that can also make it intense particularly if it’s something you really don’t want to come back to look at, but it can also be a very good Gage of where you are at, how much you have grown and moved on from. Time to sort it all out again, to get you back on track and moving in the direction and alignment for you to get what you want.

What I am talking about here is frequency and vibration, Venus is attraction, so you want to make sure you bring to you, your hearts desires, as she moves forward again, you don’t want more of the same old, relationship with love and money and your values around these two.

This can also bring in the people you want to come back to get some more of, (you know the ones that you just can’t get enough off, the ones your desire the most, remember it’s in Aries, the ones that turn you on! try not to be to obsessive here.) or get closure to.

General rules of a Venus Rx is that anything that does come back usually does go again, but hey take a look at it for what it is and be prepared, if they do go again. Remember they are coming back for a reason, and then of course they go. And if they don’t come back, in many ways thats good because overall less intesity for you. 

New and fated relationship can come in, best not to make any major commitments or get to excited until after this girl starts her rise up again around 15th April, as during the Rx you know it can have delays and difficulties, so take your time and observe, look and listen. Be patient.

Overall she is asking you to check in on yourself, and how you are going with all of the big questions around Love, money, how and what you place value on and in your life. With her starting in Aries it best to be thinking of new values, on Venus themes.






Make no mistake about this singing and dancing, glitzy, bright and colourful flick. It is about love, passion, dreams lost, dreams found, and regret. And no matter how we may wish to rewind and just do it all a little differently, there is no going back.

La La Land is well balanced between being a musical and telling the story, perhaps that is how a musical that appeals to all audiences gets to be a Best Picture nomination. The story has been told a million times before, but this fresh approach, with intelligence, and perception, makes it unique. Well unique to me perhaps, I’m not a great fan of musicals, so probably not in a position to judge. Sebastian (played by Ryan Gosling) provides knowledge about jazz, and conversations with others presents the argument about traditionalist and innovation. These conversations don’t seem odd or out of place, they allow us…

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Weekly Tarot Card Reading,6 March 2017



Weekly Tarot card, 2 of cups.

Union, partnership, friendship, LoVe. Be receptive, open to love, feelings, sharing this week. Coming together and sharing your feelings, emotions.
Equal unions. Commitment, intimacy and attraction.
Love or friendship may come your way this week, so be aware of what’s happening around you. It also may come in a way you don’t expect.
There is two parts to the 2 of cups, receptive and action, receiving and giving.
someone may finally take some action forward, taking it beyond the attraction stage.
Whatever comes your way, have a look, it there to be seen.
Deck used Beginners guide to Tarot.
” I recognize the spiritual strength and power that is created from Union ” from the Herbal Tarot Deck