Mercury enters Pisces!

MERCURY enters PISCES 9th @9:08am (aest).
Mercury in Pisces, your mind may slow down, your thoughts, not coming so quickly.
Here you are not so sharp, direct, to the point.
You are in a “maybe zone” way of thinking.
It’s a foggy place, more open to perceptions, intuition, a feeling.
Pisces dissolves things, a way of thinking or a thought has to dissolve, for the another one to come in.
This is also a time of what is real and what is not?
lies and truth.
When Mercury steps into Pisces we have the opportunity to see what is real, after of course letting it all dissolve away and what are you left with.
Listen, observe, don’t rush in.
Mercury now joins, Sun, Neptune, Chiron, South Node and Moon is going to pop in today @0:58:33 am am, all getting ready to line up with the Eclipse.

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