Jupiter enters Libra! Alright!!!


Love comes to town I’m gonna jump that train
When love comes to town I’m gonna catch that flame…..fine words from B.B.King and U2.

Open up your hearts and mind, Jupiter’s moving into Libra. Generally open up, breathe, let it all out. After Virgo, which was pretty uncomfortable, you may find things get a bit more roomy for you.

Jupiter the planet of expansion, luck, joy, opportunity and abundance,  optimism, to view life as one big adventure, and to broaden your horizons.

Libra and 7th house is ruled by Venus, here you are dealing with relationship, partnership either business or intimate, one on one stuff, you and me, baby. Your relationship sector will now get a zap of the Jupiter optimism, expansion and growth. Wonderful time to invest in relationships, good may and can come to you from the people you meet and connect with.

Even fall in LOVE, love, LOVE.

Looking at life and love from a higher philosophical kind of way. You may find you get a different view of or about relationship, about you in partnership/relationship. Because after Jupiter in Virgo , you got yourself some skills, new perspectives about you. 

Balance, fairness, trust, equality, harmony, most of all peace and kindness.

Meeting people halfway, let’s talk, let’s find a way to make you and me happy. A little compromise is gonna be happening for sure. Weighing up your options, making decisions, having those chats, choices will be made. Supporting and working with each other is the common goal.

Money, beauty, fashion, art, socializing, all things Venusian will come into play.

Most of all you can, breathe out and expand, look up and out, find some peace and balance, find your center once more.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, whatever he touches will expand, and this of course can go either way, as in….. to far. Too much socializing, too much compromise, so always bring it back to the middle of the scale, balance the center when you feel yourself going too far. Take the time to weigh it up. Particularly in Libra.

This could be too much of a good thing. But hey! why not after Virgo. let the GOOD times flow!

Jupiter will stay until October 10, 2017, check out your birth chart to see where Jupiter is working the magic for the real info.

General info where’s it happening for all.

Aries – 7th house of relationship/partnership, one on one close relationships

Taurus – 6th house of day to day work.

Gemini –  5th house of fun, confidence, creativity, self expression, children.

Cancer –  4th house, the home/real estate, your inner emotional realm, security.

Leo  –  3rd house of communications, speaking, writing.

Virgo – 2nd house of money, what you value, material security.

Libra –  1st house of the self, it’s all about you.

Scorpio –  12th house of spirit, intuition, mystical.

Sagittarius – 11th house, groups, community, goals, friends.

Capricorn – 10th house your career house, reputation.

Aquarius – 9th house, travel, higher learning, expanding your mind.

Pisces – 8th house, other peoples money, transformation on a deep soul level.

Take opportunity’s to grow and expand your world, connect more with others to help you on your way.