New moon in LEO. Open up your heart and smile!


Leo is all about. Spreading your love, being connected to your heart, and living your life purpose, you’re here to do something that only you can do.

Check in on how you’re going on the life purpose front, check in on how you are feeling in how you express yourself, how confidently and easily do you express who you are?

Or do you feel like you have lost your way and slowly drifted off, as the year has been to much of a struggle, your weary and tired.

If your not feeling like the royal lion, maybe it’s time to get your Leo shine on and change it up a bit, to make you feel more like you. If you are feeling blah, about yourself, tired of yourself, use this time to change it around, bring to you what you want, be attractive and magnetic. Always a great time for a new do, get yourself some new threads that scream you. Have courage and willpower to step out into the world and shine, too find you way back to your core self. Follow the Sun, let it warm you back up.

Sun and Moon trine to Saturn which is a nice thing, Saturn will give it stability, a go ahead to support you along your journey, will give you encouragement if you need some more push to keep going.

Mars enters back into Sagittarius on the same day, nice one…… thank you! no more Scorpio, dredging up of the emotional depths, also encourages more optimism, passion, purpose, picks up some pace, a bit more active.

Have some fun, play, laugh, get your mojo on.

Shine brightly, and let others shine brightly too.

Big heart LOVE!

New moon is great time to set your intentions to shine brightly



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