In tune with the Moon! 25-31 July.


Moon is waning, inward phase, deeper emotions and feelings are shifting for release, to let go of.

MONDAY – Moon in Aries, trine the Sun in Leo, good day, high energy try to feel good this day.

TUESDAY –  Moon trine Venus and Mercury, conjunct Uranus, new or even brilliant ideas, be open and spontaneous with this energy. Express Yourself.

Uranus brings in the surprise.

WEDNESDAY – Moon enters Taurus @1:38:14 am, squares the Sun, third quarter moon. Time to make adjustments, fine tune things, keep working on what you have, this is a bit of a clean up time, throw out what is not working. Pluck the weeds.

Mercury trine Uranus, your mind, thoughts, ideas are high, you may even have a genius moment or two, get news or information. Let your ideas flow, allow some illumination in. Words will be important.

Can make you feel uncomfortable or rough, Moon in Taurus, find your stability, ground yourself. Get out of your head.

THURSDAY – Moon trine Pluto and squares Venus, you may find a stirring from deep within is surfacing, try and relax, breathe, it’s can be uncomfortable.

FRIDAY – Moon enters Gemini@4:16:38 am, sextile the Sun, squares Saturn, harmonies to start off with, later in evening your mood may change, have patience, don’t get into a frustrating or bad mood.

Uranus stations to go Rx, time to reflect on the changes. As Mercury is lining up to square Mars, on Saturday.

SATURDAY – Mercury squares Mars, you can feel the energy this day, high energy, use it wisely, it can be disruptive, can clash, channel it into something that will be creative and productive. Moon still in Gemini will add to the Buzz,

SUNDAY – Moon enters Cancer@7:08:38 am, warmth, safety, comfort and security, connect with people you love and enjoy company off.

Mercury enters Virgo @4:20:38 am, earth, details.




Full Moon in Capricorn!


Art work by DeeDandy

Full moon in Capricorn 8:56:55 am 20 July.

Here you are at the middle of the year, a full moon in Capricorn. Capricorn ruled by Saturn, hard work, commitment, responsibility, self-discipline all the really cool, easy words that make you want to just chill out and relax…….Um, no!

I feel this moon is encouraging you to keep on going, times are tough, hard and you have to face life with a grown up and mature approach, you knuckle down, keep your emotions in check, you grin and bear it as it’s the only way through. And Yes, being a grown up sucks. However that’s what you have to do.

Also keep in mind that maybe it’s time to check in, see how far you have come, what you have achieved, where you are at now. You can gain some traction here, now is a great time to let go, release some of the old structure or form, beliefs that you find are not really working or are just outed dated.

Are you the same person from the beginning of the year?

How are your plans going?

Are you achieving all or some of them?

Do you even have a goal or plan for the next few years?

Do you feel emotionally stronger and more solid within your emotions?

Moon is in a square to Uranus, this can bring in the unexpected, break away for freedom aspect, if you feel that it’s all the bloody same, you work hard and get nowhere, you are, being responsible, mature, working on your stuff, you may like, the fiery element of surprise the Uranus brings to it.

Uranus might just give the “out of the blue” spark you need to get it going or get you out of the old hum drum.

Moon is part of a kite, sextiles to Mars and Chiron, who are part of a Grand Water Trine with the Sun.The sextile to Mars is to energizes you. The sextile to Chiron helps you to keep going, no matter how much pain and anguish it takes to achieve.

Capricorn is a goal setter and achieves with hard work, self-discipline, that goat will get to the top of the mountain, and you will be rewarded. Saturn rules Capricorn and he is the task master,  he does give the goodies at the end when all the hard work is done.

Keep in mind that Saturn and Neptune are still in the square, urging you to keep it all very real, don’t get lost in the fog or grog. Use this moon to come to grips or terms with where you are now at, and always be realistic about it. You may feel that life is not giving you what you want, you may feel that it all takes to long or longer, so now is the time to get back on track, gather some strength and to keep on going.

For now you may find that you have to keep on pushing through and up to get to the top. Remember to breathe, pace yourself. Use your deep inner well of emotions to get you going, channel them into your desire for success. If Uranus does jump out and surprise you, try to view it as a detour to the same end, you just need to take another way.

Or perhaps the same old, really is really zapping your soul?

Cancer and Capricorn are opposite to each other, some balance is needed here, maybe it’s time to look at how you are feeling, are you getting the rest, nurturing, and self-care for yourself, use the inner cancer world as an internal compass, so you can go out into the responsible Capricorn  world and be nurturing and caring, towards others.

Pulled a Tarot card for this blog, sometimes a card will come to me as i write, this time I pulled one.

The Wheel of Fortune. change, the wheel turns, I see the alligator moving onto another wheel, but the same part of the structure. movement and change are happening for you. Some of you may feel like you are getting off the wheel, as in “getting off the merry go round”. Either way it’s movement, change and feels calmer and a smoother ride for awhile.



Mars direct!



Mars is now direct after being Rx since April 17th, first in Sag, then in Scorpio.

The planet of action, the action you take, it’s a very outward energy, he likes to do, by being assertive, searching for the new. Mars rules Aries and is cardinal fire, likes to start new things, plus have adventures.

But in Rx phrase he slows down, not so active or assertive, this can be very irritating, annoying, frustrating, can bring up anger and you feel pissed off or even ripped off.

He is going over stuff again, digs up, into your fears, frustration, makes you feel like you are blocked and it’s just difficult to get things going, or even finding the energy and drive to do.

That’s because in Scorpio for the last leg of Rx, was for you to slow down pay attention to the fears, your frustration, your anger, what did your emotions tell you, what did it bring up for you. Being in Scorpio it may have been around, money, intimate relationship, sex, death, deep emotions around fears of being powerless, just facing what is in you, what terrifies you a little or a lot.

Have you got what it takes!

Whatever it has been about for you, look at it, clear it away, work on it. Because Mars is now moving forward and this will unlock, unblock the way, hopefully a new pathway has been cleared for you to go down or follow, it will take courage to go forward with more conviction, as he would’ve dug up the fears/tears and now you have to go ahead, leaving the fears behind. Give him time to pick up speed as he is still in the shadow zone, let him gain some momentum.

Mars and Venus are in a nice little trine exact on the 7th of July, great time to be sociable, be creative, express yourself, attractions can be strong with these two. Can be quite a bit of stimulation when these two meet up. Both are in water signs, so, go with your feelings and flow. Generally it’s a positive time.

Mars moves ahead, action, you feel now as if you can take and make some.

Mars will enter Sag again, on the 3rd of Aug, @4:33:06 am, here you walk your talk.

You have to go out and get what you want, With the warrior’s heart, a fire burning brightly in your belly.

2 of cups


NEW MOON in CANCER…. time to connect!

moon w


“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you”. Ralph Waldo Emerson

“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality”. Plutarch

Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury all in Cancer, cardinal water, Cancer is ruled by the Moon. This moon is in opposition to Pluto, trine to Neptune. Plus it’s watery. You may find some emotions, feelings, break on through to the surface. Pluto of course may add the extra intensity to them. Pluto across from Moon/Sun will be luring the emotions out from the inner you.

Cancer is emotional, feelings, you will feel and have many over the next few weeks. Use them wisely, soak them up, let them flow through you, over you, let them wash away, let them transform YOU!

Cancer/Capricorn is the axis of security/insecurity, inner and outer, build on the inner to help support the outer.

My feelings for this, after the air of Gemini, Mars Rx phase, you now have the opportunity to nourish, nurture, give yourself some much needed self-care, you may find it’s easier to act on your feelings and thoughts, give them some form or structure. You may find you are starting to feel like your old self or parts of you are coming back together, before you may have felt very disconnected, uncertain as if you or elements of your life have just been blown away.

Opposition to Pluto this may bring with it some major transformation from within, Pluto is about power, death, re-birth, the resurrection, on some level something is dying, or leaving to allow re-birth to begin. As with all deaths it not easy, it’s uncomfortable, painful and it may take a while for the true transformation to take place, this one more than likely has taken months to shift.

Neptune’s trine, this brings the higher energy of LOVE, go for it, strive to be it, get it, give it out.

Has to start within you first.

With the Cancer energy you may find that you feel the new starting to grow, connect to your deep inner world or feelings, get to the root of your feelings. Nourish them, nurture you. Cancer is the womb, the watery depths of the internal life, this is you being re-born. It’s a process, a slow one, bring it all back together.

I encourage you to use this new moon energy, to shift or change things around in your home and heart, make it more in tune and in alignment with what you want (Venus), what have you been thinking about (Mercury), Sun/Moon connect for the new moon to give you the opportunity to shift and change your emotional energy and frequency.

Cancer, home and heart, the fires from within are calling out for more nourishment, moisture, comfort and contentment. Pluto’s connection is asking for deep transformation to take place, and in this case it starts within the home and within your heart.


To detach, then to bring to you what you want.Chrysalis tarot.