Full Moon in Sagittarius…


woman b

art by Melissa Krauss


First full moon in Sag happening @7:15 am (east), 1 degree, conjunct Mars Rx, opposite Sun in Gemini, Venus in Taurus.

For this archer moon, I will hold back on shooting off my arrow until my aim, inner direction and eye are very sure about what, why and where, I am aiming for, instead I will observe, get a new or different perspective, get more info, weigh all things up, look around until I have the inner knowing or instinct before I pull back my arrow and shoot. If you shoot now, you could miss your mark. Things are still in the cauldron brewing for you.

Hang back for a while longer, let Mercury go direct, have the new moon in Gemini on June 4-5. Instead spend some time on going over your beliefs, attitude, spiritual concepts, finding and searching for YOUR TRUTH, Yeah….  your inner truth! This is a Sag moon after all, finding a life of true meaning, what’s really important to you. Venus is shining her light on you in Taurus, ground yourself, keep it simple, find time for some pleasure and peace. Her influence will hopefully balance this out.

Moon is conjunct Mars Rx, the warrior is wounded, needs time to gather himself before he goes back out, to recover and perhaps be more equipped. That’s you knowing more about what it is you want, who you want to be. Don’t be over reactive here.

Use the Gemini/Sag axis to think, get inspiration, learn something new, get a new perspective, but most of all position yourself, for the future action and steps you will take. To do this, you have to know where you are at now, and where you want to go.

Remember you’re still in the Rx phrase to receive, be receptive, re-do, go over, in many areas of your life. As usual there is a lot happening with this Moon. Saturn Rx in Sag, not to far away from Moon/Mars Rx, Mercury is getting ready to station, then go direct, Pluto/Jupiter/Mercury in a mutable trine supporting this, Plus 4 planets Rx.

This is the year of mutable change, adjustments, maneuvering yourself constantly, to get the best position possible for your future plans and goals. With Jupiter and North node in Virgo use this time to clean up, sweep away all the old, internal and external.

First moon in Sag is giving you the opportunity to go deep, with Mars right next door feel the intensity it brings you, be patient, keep on with the quest, follow the fire that burns within and with a humble heart keep moving towards dreams.

the stag

Justice – balance, weighing things up. responsibility for actions. Wild Wood Tarot.

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