Jupiter Direct!


Jupiter went direct on May 9th @13 degrees of Virgo. The doorway is open. After being Rx for about 4 months, the planet of luck, joy, expansion, growth, spiritual beliefs and attitude, is now going forward, will still be in the shadow till Aug. And with the big fella moving , hopefully now, will bring you the goodies you have been longing for.

Rx journey may have been a difficult one, wondering why, Oh, why, you weren’t getting the things you wanted, why was it difficult to get, it may have been painful, because you have been working at it, wanting it, having intention, plans, ideas, visions. You are ready!

Instead you had to do the inner, internal waiting game, going through the daily grind (virgo), of really watching, waiting, being patient. Going over it all again, redressing your life, looking at the things you have been longing to add to your life, to make it bigger.

Jupiter does want to bring you wonderful things, for your growth, to bring joy, luck, laughter, abundance and happiness, you just had to do the Rx pass to get really clear of what that is, here’s a thought, could you have it, bigger and better than even you, imagined for yourself. Maybe that’s the plan the universe has in stall for you and without the Rx phase you don’t have the opportunity to go back over all things. To really get into the details, how do you feel about it all, is it really, the perfect fit for YOU. 

Jupiter is in Virgo and yes, you will have to work for it, but Baby, you gotta believe that it will be worth it in the end.

And this Saggy girl, is going to believe that it is.


8 of wands, energy picks up, swift, quick, movement. Blockages removed.  


2 thoughts on “Jupiter Direct!

  1. i noticed on the News yesterday Wednesday the 11th, that the Australian Stock Exchange increased the most points in 1 days trading for 9 months. Go Jupiter! I am always happy to see it go direct again, especially at this time with 4 other planets retrograde.


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