Full Moon in Scorpio!


Sun in Taurus opposite Moon in Scorpio @3:22:53 pm, 22 April 2016.

Full moon, a time of letting go.

How do you feel? do you have the strength, a strong inner core, for me that’s want Scorpio is all about, facing up to all the messy, icky parts of relationships, either within yourself or with others. Listening/being among all the crap, others people’s stuff, being flung and thrown about. How do you respond or react. It’s a trigger point, what’s it bringing up?, do you have the strength and know how to work through it,  transform it for you to become stronger and more powerful within yourself.

Don’t lose your power or give it away. Standing up and tall inside, is messy, we all have to go through it at some point, and with Scorpio in the mix, it’s rough and can be very emotional. So take a look inside, see what emotions are being stirred up, address them, release, find your core, surrender and accept that life is messy.

Use the Taurus Sun to ground yourself, be in your body, be aware of your emotions, as this is the way forward. If the core is stable inside this is the best building block for your life.


Looking back to go forward!



Rx periods I kind of welcome in some ways, I feel the pressure lift off, I have a chance to just relax, well, maybe step back a bit, instead of always being driven to do or create more. Let’s have a break, get the monkey of my back, see what comes back for/to me to look at before I go rushing forward again.

For now, I will reflect, to make sure I am going forward with everything I need and want!

Rx is the view from the earth, they don’t really go backwards. It’s a time of reflection, review, an inward phrase or journey as it reflects on the past. You are going over things, not a lot of forward movement when planets are Rx, there may even be delays, setbacks. Trick is to be very present, patient, slow down, pause and reflect. It’s an internal process. You’re looking back over things, emotions, projects, goals etc.

Check out your birth chart, to see where it’s all happening. Take it slow and steady.

Jupiter in Virgo –  January 7/8, 2016, Direct – May 9, 2016

Planet of expansion, freedom, truth, wisdom, knowledge, travel. You are guided to go inwards in areas of your personal beliefs, seeking a deeper meaning/purpose or truth for yourself, “I understand” is a good one, try to get some, in areas of life you struggle with. It’s in Virgo, great time to purge out, clean up, so more expansive, abundance can come into your life.

Saturn in Sag –  March 25/26, 2016, Direct – August 13, 2016

Planet of karma, tasks and lesson, growth through pressure, makes you face reality, he is the wise man. Wants you to do a good job, don’t take or make short cuts, do the work. Limitations is always around with Saturn, know yours, don’t take on more if you really know you can’t. Remember this is about reviewing your past, before you go forward. Learn from your mistakes, make wiser decision, understand yourself, (O, that’s a big one) Saturn gives you the lesson you learn this lifetime. Rx gives you the chance to re-visit them, understand them, grow up, become the wise one.

Mars in Sag and Scorpio –  April 17/18, 2016, Direct – June 29,2016

Planet of action, choice of action, desire, asserting yourself out into the world. He is your inner warrior. He can help you get what you want. When he is Rx, you may find your vitality is less, feel frustrated, feel like you’re getting nowhere, maybe you have gone as far as you can in certain area’s. Watch your feelings like anger, resentment, work it out or off in physical ways, like, exercise, sex ;), cleaning and scrubbing if things get to hot.

Mars revisits in Sag, beliefs, in Scorpio motives/motivation.

Pluto in Capricorn – April 18/19, 2016, Direct – September 26/27, 2016

Planet of death, rebirth, transformation, deep soul-searching, go deep, this planet will remove, bulldozer away anything that’s not real, true or authentic. Turn inwards, see the murky, bruised, messy parts of yourself, you know the parts, there the dark, deep ones around, sex, money, use of power and control. What’s behind your motivations, your desires. Are they really getting you what you want? Shine the light on them, see what comes up. You can transform them, become more powerful from within. Break away from old structures, build new meaningful ones. With Pluto ask yourself “do you feel powerful, how do you use your power, or have any power”.

Mercury in Taurus –  April 28/29, Direct – May 22 2016

Planet of communication, your mind, perception, thoughts, thinking. Rx time, double-check, take your time, listen, as mistakes and miscommunication can happen. Back up computers, read documents twice before signing, don’t rush in before you have all the details. During this time revisit your ideas and vision, come up with ways to revamp or reinvent, if need be. Tie up loose ends, wrap a few things up. Taurus, is about beauty, love, attraction and values.  

Situations, people from past can come back.

Be receptive/receiving during the Rx, they are a turning inward phase. Giving you an opportunity to confidently go forward, once you have gone over the past yet again.

Rx only bring back aspects of your life that you need to look at again.

7 of c

7 of coins, card of revision, pause, reflect. Going over what’s in front of you, before you go on. You only take what you really need or want.



New moon happening in Aries 7 Apr 2016 @9:24:24 pm(aest) 18 Aries 04 degrees. Sun, Moon, Venus, Uranus all in Aries, Saturn and Mars in Sag, fire energy.



Aries, the individual, are you really being yourself?

When you set your intention make sure you put a lot of that essences into it!

For many years now you have been pushed and pulled, for change, either you are making the changes for yourself or the cosmos is giving you a helping hand, well, it’s always helping you out, thanks to Pluto square Uranus, Saturn in Scorpio and many other planetary lineups, you, have had to, let go, face up to shit, get real and honest with your life.

Another year and layer of your story, depending on your birth chart it’s happening in all kind of ways, but it’s happening. The point and this is a universal point that a change is really needed for you to become completely in tune with who you really are, to do that, you have to let go of the old face and story that you have worn and of course not go back to it. That’s the tricky part.

Each year you get to begin again, Aries, back to you “I am”. Who are you really? Start with yourself first, what do you want, who do you want to be, how do you want to be seen and heard? The more you truly know yourself, you get to live the life you want, not somebody else’s version or life. Go discover yourself!

Aries is the new, a goal setter, pioneer, warrior, outward, expressive, action taking, sign, ruled by Mars, with Uranus conjunct the Sun and Moon, this adds a whole lot of, breaking away from the old, to be liberated, to feel free to have and be new. A fresh new start is here for you, if you are ready to leave the old, stale place behind.

This new moon ask yourself where are you feeling stuck or stale? That’s the place that needs to change, check out your birth chart to see where this will take place to help you out.

Uranus and Pluto are working away in the background , (it seems like they always are now) to help you break away from the old establishment, authority, order, to bring you into a place of freedom.

Uranus can bring the surprise, unexpected vibe to this, he really wants you to breakaway from the stale, shackles that my bind you.Pluto, can be fearful, intense, a dark place, asking you to transform areas you know that really need to change. All coming from somewhere deep inside = pain, struggle, Yeah, that’s sounds right, which also means your on track!

Mercury will conjunct Uranus, square Pluto, this has been building up, on 1 Apr 2016@ 6:37:20 am (aest) it will be exact, new information, news, insight, can come to you, from out of the blue.

Venus did Conjunct Chiron and South Node(past) all in Pisces, (Venus enters Aries, 6 Apr) on the 30th, 7:01:39 pm,  some wounds from the past came to light, this can be painful, but usually it wants some form of healing and releasing to happen. With South Node around it’s past emotion, pain, things from the past. Look at whatever emotions you feel here, work through it, Chiron can be painful, digs up the old wounds of the ages, it’s working for you to align yourself to know what to release and move on. As you are entering a new phrase, give room for the new to happen, Venus = Value, of yourself and for yourself and what do you really value?

Start thinking about yourself in a new way. In some cases just start thinking of You.

T square with Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, all in mutable signs  brings in that big change, stay open, be adaptable, big word for this year. Dream big for yourself, make sure you do have a dream, no matter how big or small, very important this year, for you to make the changes you need. Jupiter is all about the faith have it, believe it, Jupiter wants you to be rewarded, bring you the goods. Saturn also want’s  you to manifest the goodies, here’s the catch, only if you work for it and take the action needed for you to get what you want. Between the two, they both are working in your favor, but you do have to put your part/action into it.

Both planet are in Rx during this new moon, here you have the time to go over, re -do, re access all the re words. Adjustments.

Sun trine Saturn, nice little connection floating in the background, in the fire elements, Sag and Aries, steady progress, be determined, stay focused, grounding, you can be rewarded here. As always be true and honest with yourself.

Leaving Pisces theme behind, out of the water, the dream, feelings, chaos, confusion, sensitivities, and yes it can be pain.



Step on in……to Aries

Aries –  myself, my instinct, my identity, my power and will to create the life I want!