Sun – Neptune, from out of nowhere!

As I sit, think what to write about, so many things I could write about, but what’s really on my mind is  Neptune, God of the sea, you know it’s big, vast, deep, the bottom takes a lot to get too. Whenever I do an astrology reading I always use the deep blue sea to describe how a planet may work in Neptune or the 12th house. Imagine the Sun in the middle of the ocean, how would the Sun shine then, not so shinny or  sparkly, take more work, may even come out distorted. 

Sun conjunct Neptune Exact today, sun shines the light onto the hidden, so you can see. Shines the light onto the dream, brings things or situation into reality. of course there has been a build up here to this exact point. Lots of Pisces energy, the end. letting go.


sun and sea


I struggle with Neptune the parts unseen, it makes me uncomfortable, I am realist, have Mars, Venus, South node, Mercury all in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn in my birth chart, and I am a Sagittarius Sun and Moon girl, so please no bullshit here, I am rather grounded and practical, however I love the dream and the magic, musical, mystical side of Pisces, I love the higher aspect of the Neptune/Pisces realms, I believe in a higher source, an intelligent mind, God/Goddess above, Gaia, I believe that there is more than this earth bound, physical, realm I live in. I like to believe in the synchronicity, serendipity, the sign from above.   

Over the last couple of months, well, years, really (Saturn in Scorpio, still shaky after that transit) there has been an unraveling of soul, to dissolve old patterns/cycle, fears, hidden or known, the dissolve needs to happen. So you can see the parts hidden to or from you, thanks to Saturn (reality), pulling/ripping away at the layers, unwrapping you till you become clear and clean (Virgo north node, future), with each new and full moon, things have been shown to you, if you have been paying close enough attention to what your inner self is trying to tell you, you have to stay on track, soul’s intention, no matter how difficult it is by what’s been thrown at you.

The internal compass, your heart’s intent is your guide.

Saturn in Sagittarius have a goal, aim for it, have a long term vision for yourself, very important, this will give you direction and focus, somewhere to head for other wise you can get lost or lead astray. If you do have a plan/vision/goal for yourself, your life, to get there you have to make sure that you are driven, committed to that plan, as you will be tested to stray from this goal as the ego can and will take over, particularly when things get difficult, you may want to throw in the towel. It all can be too hard. Saturn in Sag is also reality check time. Look at your beliefs it may be time for a new set, be truthful, the truth, real, honest, about yourself and your life, with the North node in Virgo and Saturn in Sag it is about doing the weeding, stripping the garden back, cleaning, purifying. This is also where the Saturn square Neptune comes in helping you bring the dream into reality but first let’s get the foundation, structure, solid, stable and pure. No good having a base that will be blown away when a good strong wind comes along, namely events and other people’s choices. All things align for you to make adjustments, know you’re on track, or if you are way off. It’s also a nine year, endings, things have to go for you to evolve and grow.

The veils of delusion/illusion are being parted and you can see. It’s also an aspect for you to look at, I think things are popping up now for them to leave, what is real for you? As in, what do you really want to feel like and be in your life. We are all being shown, do you want this or that? You choose, and in some cases you may be forced to, you may have something pop out at you to see what is really going on, as you may have been making choices not fully aware of what they were really about. The unseen is very Pisces/Neptune energy that’s where the deception part comes from, “from out of nowhere”, is a great saying for the magic or illusion of Pisces/Neptune.


high priestess


Life is like a maze, you have to keep going to get out, and it’s tricky at every turn, you thought that was the way, no, go back, go this way, this may take you a little further and you do feel better, more relaxed and even sure, then you turn again, this is a wtf! turn and you have to make adjustments, be resourceful (strength from within) and keep going. You think you’re at the end, and out, you realize you’re not, each day is a new day and each day is going to be different and for me I am always in a constant state of change and flux, each day my emotions, mood changes, nothing is really that stable at the moment and the eclipses are coming, so till they wrap up, it may be more of the same for a while, will have to wait and see what they bring you.

The Mantra from Kaypacha Lescher is a good one for now. From his weekly Pele report.

May I know the source of what,

Appears within my mind,

And only act upon that which,

My heart and soul align. – Kaypacha Lescher