One day in September.

Thursday’s big day of changes, Mercury Rx in Libra last for the year, Saturn finally OUT of Scorpio and enters Sagittarius, Jupiter and Neptune are exactly opposite, they have been heading for this all month.

So, it’s going to be interesting!

Jupiter in Virgo, earth and Neptune in Pisces, water, if you have been finding that dealing with your daily life has been difficult this could be why, you may just want to dream or be more in the flow, be creative, but the drudgery of working and daily stuff, keep popping up, making you face reality, these two could be why.

This can be like your being pulled into something, like a dream or the sea, the pull is strong, but you have pressing need to be productive, to be doing. it’s uncomfortable and tiring.

Both Jupiter and Neptune deal with spiritual growth and pursuits, you may be wanting to connect more into these things, expand your awareness in areas that help you grow, but do not be too idealistic here as you may find that you are let down, it’s best to stay grounded and realistic during this time. Jupiter would like you to expand where you are at, however Neptune can make you a little dreamy and can get you lost, be careful not to delude yourself here. This can be one of those ”it’s too good to be true times”.

This is a perfect time for a holiday or a few days off, where you can just float along and indulge yourself.


And yes it’s that time of year MERCURY RX, again in Libra this time, last one for this year, as you do for all Rx, read the fine print, don’t make big purchase, communication is tough, back up your computer, etc, but you know life still goes on and so must you. You just have to move slower, allow your mind to slow down too.

Great time to re-do your thinking patterns, where does your energy go with our thoughts, time to clean up your thoughts, might be a good time to implement some positive affirmations on a daily basis, make up some mantras to go to when you find yourself in the old process.

Re-do, go-over, it’s all the re things and being in Libra it’s getting back to balance, equilibrium, you may find you really take your time in making decisions, take your time here don’t’ rush. You May find things confusing, your minds a muddle and communication in relationships may be strained so have patience with loved ones as Libra is about relationship too.


Left the best till last…… SATURN leaves SCORPIO!!!

Wrapping it up, leaves here and will not return for another 28 years, bye-bye. The last few degrees have been emotionally intense, a big slog and difficult, Saturn moves into Sagittarius a fire sign, things will lighten up, however Saturn will still be teaching you some lesson as you go. But in Sagittarius you will be learning about a more meaningful, life with purpose, truth, integrity.

Will write more about this later, for now know it will involve structure around your goals, dreams, faith and beliefs, and of course hard work.


WOW……that’s one day in September and we are just past the mid-point, you have the rest of September to go through, it’ gonna be, like I said,……. interesting.